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Jaunt: A Viewer's Guide to The Tomorrow People – Revised Edition


It's been almost 50 years since The Tomorrow People first jaunted onto our television screens. Initially conceived as a response to the BBC’s Doctor Who, what started as a low-budget children’s adventure has become a global phenomenon.

In this revised and greatly expanded edition, Jaunt takes an in-depth look at every incarnation of The Tomorrow People – on screen, in print and on audio – featuring new interviews with the cast and crew and a broader examination of the television landscape which informed each era of the show.

It also features – for the first time in print – Roger Price’s original pitch for the series and a selection of production documents thought lost since the 1970s, which give a fascinating insight into how the series was created.

Jaunt chronicles the adventures of the Tomorrow People from their origins in that golden era of children’s broadcasting, the 1970s, and follows series creator Roger Price to Canada and the USA to kickstart a revolution in broadcasting for young audiences that led to the return of the Tomorrow People in a lavish 1990s international co-production. It then re-joins homo superior some twenty years later as the third generation of Tomorrow People fights for survival in a new CW series and a world far removed from the predicted utopia of the original series’ vision.

2022 Reprint 
Softcover: 386 pages in black and white