Above The Law: The Unofficial Guide to Star Cops – LIMITED STOCK

  • Above The Law: The Unofficial Guide to Star Cops – LIMITED STOCK

Star Cops was a BBC detective drama series set in space. Creator and writer Chris Boucher had honed his science fiction skills on Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 and his detective skills on series such as Shoestring and Juliet Bravo.

With Star Cops he created something new and ahead of its time, something which challenged the BBC’s capabilities in 1987. With Moon Bases, anti-gravity sequences and space walks, Star Cops stretched the BBC’s resources to breaking point, ultimately ending after just nine episodes. But Star Cops lived on, becoming a cult show with loyal followers and even winning several awards.

Above the Law traces the journey of Star Cops from Boucher’s childhood radio influences and first submission to the BBC, through to its transition as a television drama and successful 2018 audio re-launch. Looking at both fact and fiction, script changes and production difficulties, writing, effects, editing and music, this book will take you back to the studios of Television Centre and the making of a cult classic.

The author’s profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Alzheimer’s Society.

SFX Magazine: "An unashamed lust letter… an immaculately researched tribute that burrows into every nook and cranny."

Trevor Cooper (Colin Devis, Star Cops): "Above the Law is superb. The work you’ve put into it is phenomenal and it’s also very well written. The ultimate memory of Star

Ian Potter (Big Finish Writer – Star Cops and former TV curator at the National
Museum of Photography, Film & Television): ‘Highly recommended warts-and-all account of the making of the amazing TV series that should have been a legend. An incredible labour of love. Buy it!"

2021 Reprint
Softcover: 324 pages in black and white, plus 16-page colour photo insert